• Sophisticated project expense allocation capabilities.  The user now has the ability to specifically allocate any line item expense appearing on vendor/consultant bills/checks onto any client invoice.  Expense allocations can be partially applied across multiple client invoices or fully applied to one client invoice.
  • New "Pay When Paid" consultant and vendor tracking allows the user to allocate specific consultant and vendor bills/checks to specific client invoices so that when the client pays their invoice, ArchAdministrator will display an "Ok to Pay" amount on the AP report (and prorate "Ok to Pay" amount based on the amount received from the client).
  • Powerful detailed and condensed versions of a new "Billing Report" that summarizes ALL employee time and expenses, consultant and vendor expenses and tracked in-house reimbursable expenses for any/all projects (based on any user-defined reporting period) and all in one multipage report.
  • Ability to independently set reimbursable and consultant multipliers (down to the line item level) when allocating vendor and consultant expenses to client invoices.
  • New sophisticated, yet easy to use, "Effective Date" accounting transaction "Void" and "Write-Off" capabilities and tracking.
  • New additional detailed and condensed 30/60/90 AP and AR aging schedules that can be summarized by project, client and more.
  • Additional search and filtering capabilities have been added that allow the user to search and/or filter AP/AR/GL/etc. accounting reports based on account numbers, project manager, principal-in-charge, transaction type and more.
  • More sophisticated "As Of" reporting capabilities for AP, AR, Retainer, etc., reports that allow users to rollback reports to any point in time.
  • Enhanced "Lump Sum", "Percent Complete", "Percent of Construction Cost" and "Reimbursable Expense" invoicing subtext generation.
  • A new Retainer/Unassigned Payment Report tracks received, applied and available retainer balances summarized by client name.
  • Ability to predefine hundreds of default notes under each task (in addition to existing ability to predefine hundreds of default tasks under each phase) of the project.  The defaults are used to define selectable drop-down lists when logging time sheets and allow for more accurate/consistent time sheet "Notes" entry and tracking.
  • Enhanced employee expense entry, tracking, reporting, and employee auto reimbursement check generation.  Users can now assign up to 30 expense line items on each expense report.  Expense report entries can now be entered for multiple projects/dates/expense categories, etc. and they can be based on accounts available in the Chart of Accounts as opposed to being based on previously entered data only.
  • New "ArchAdminPDF" PDF file creator, now bundled with ArchAdministrator Version 5.0, allows for pre and post processing of PDF files.  This gives users the ability to auto-create, attach and auto-email clients and contacts PDF files of Transmittals, Invoices and more.
  • Additional "User Definable" data fields have been added to the Proposal/Contract and Project Management modules of ArchAdministrator that can be used in database searches and sorts adding a new level of flexibility and customization to the software.
  • Ability to assign specific role-based access filtering to each file stored in ArchAdministrator's File/Document Management system.
  • Additional user-definable check boxes for "Transmitted Descriptions" and "Additional Notations" that appear on printed Transmittals.
  • Customizable default drop-list entries for Submittal Log "Actions" data field.
  • and much more.

Version 5.0 - Released 7/1/2011

Version 5.0