PS Software Solutions LLC is
dedicated to providing powerful
easy-to-use, fully integrated
project & practice management software designed specifically
for architects and engineers.


Founded in 1995, PS Software Solutions LLC offers high quality software products and services that reflect the company's unique understanding of the architectural and engineering communities.

PS Software Solutions' innovative approach is evident in a new class of project and practice management applications that integrate data generated by design professionals in ways never before seen.

PS Software Solutions markets its products throughout the United States and Canada and provides professional consulting, support and education services.

For years, PS Software Solutions
has worked closely with many A/E firms and has leveraged their collective experience to refine its products into comprehensive solutions for today’s architectural and engineering practices.


President’s Message

    In 1988 I became a licensed architect and with the help of my employer and mentor established a firm of my own.  I spent years trying to manage people, projects, and the wide variety of data generated by my practice.  Hoping to automate office and project management processes I purchased a couple of computer work stations way back in 1991.

    It took only a few months to realize that "off-the-shelf" programs developed by software companies did not meet the special administrative needs of the A/E community.  Therefore, I decided to create a series of databases to help simplify the task of recording, organizing and analyzing the architectural services provided by my firm.  Armed with the enthusiastic interest of other architects, I focused on developing these templates into an easy to use computer program that could assist other architectural firms.

    In 1995 I established PS Software Solutions.  I made a conscious decision to emulate the tortoise rather than the hare by focusing on software development and customer support, rather than expanding sales and flashy marketing campaigns.  I have dedicated the past 20 years to the development of ArchAdministrator by working closely with my clients, listening to their suggestions, and fully integrating over 70 databases into a single software program designed to meet their very specific needs.

    After growing interest from engineers, I began offering ArchAdministrator to engineering firms in 2010.  Today, approximately 60% of PS Software Solutions’ revenue is being generated from sales to the engineering community.

    To learn more about ArchAdministrator, ArchAdminCloud and Archlink services, please refer to the information provided on this Web site.  If you have any questions about ArchAdministrator or any other products or services, please contact us or call toll free 1 (888) 748-7166   (Mon-Fri, 9am-7pm ET).


    Paul V. Smialowicz, AIA

    Paul is the founder of PS Software Solutions LLC and he is a licensed architect, professional planner and owner of an architectural firm that designed residential, commercial, and institutional projects.