ArchLink Tech Support -Via Remote Access

Technical support staff can now take remote control of your computer and administer software installations, troubleshoot hardware and software, transfer files, perform software updates, and much more.  All support services are performed via an on-the-fly, SSL secure, web-based, remote access connection Click Here to establish an Archlink remote technical support session

ArchLink Training - A benefit but not required

ArchAdministrator has an integrated on-line help database and 110 page illustrated manual. These features, coupled with ArchAdministrator's easy-to-use interface, allow many users to fully utilize the program with little or no ArchLink training.  However, the following training options are available for users that would like to get the most out of their investment in ArchAdministrator.

Option 1 - Onsite Training
Members of your firm will obtain personalized training right in your own office!  On-site training includes a certified ArchAdministrator training specialist visiting your firm's offices complete with laptop computer, computer projector and portable 6'-0" wide screen (when applicable).

Option 2 - Web-Based Training
Are you interested in obtaining in-house personalized training without the additional reimbursable expenses associated with On-site training?  Then our ArchLink remote training is perfect for you.  ArchLink remote training includes a certified ArchAdministrator training specialist connecting remotely, via the Internet, to computer(s) located in your offices.  PS Software Solutions can even provide the computer projector so that you can setup your own personalized training center right in your own conference room!

Contact a PS Software Solutions Representative to obtain additional information about our ArchLink On-site or Remote training.

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