Over 30 years in the A/E industry and more than 20 years of developing and successfully implementing software for A/E firms.


Five Star customer rated ArchLink technical support provides you with expertise you expect... and that is never farmed-out.


Decades of dedication to the development, support and enhancement of just one software program and just one vertical market... yours.


Comprehensive, yet much more affordable all-in-one software coupled with reasonably priced support and maintenance services.


Software development that is  focused on striking that delicate balance between a powerful feature-set, ease of use and a price tag that doesn’t break the bank.

Why PS Software Solutions?

PS Software Solutions offers high quality, easy to use and fully integrated accounting, document, time sheet, resource and project management software for architects and engineers that runs on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and more.  Products and services offered reflect the company's unique understanding of the needs of A/E firms. PS Software Solutions' innovative approach to software development is evident in its flagship office and project management software, ArchAdministrator.  It transforms data into meaningful information for every member of your architectural or engineering practice.


The seamless marriage of
full-featured accounting and powerful project & document management capabilities that yields software greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Laurence Johnson, Johnson Jones Architects

    ArchAdministrator has become, in our estimation, an invaluable addition to our ability to tie our daily work activities into the firm's financial management.”
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  • Josette Beady, Lauro Associates Architects, P.C.

    “We were looking for a better way to organize our billing, time and accounting, so we could better serve our clients. Not only did this program have all that and more, but... This program is the definition of user friendly”.....Read More

  • Cate Comerford, Cate Comerford, AIA, LLC

    “Created by an architect who has imagineered a software program which can track any size job from proposal, to project documents, to updating the portfolio with shots of the completed masterpiece.”.....Read More

  • Rudy Fabiano, Fabiano Designs International, Inc.

    Just the ability to track reimbursables alone has paid for the program. Transmittals, travel logs, time sheets and expenses are all automatically tracked and summarized for each project. When its time to bill, all I do is click!”.....More

  • Thomas Potter, Potter Architects LLC

    “From proposals to time sheets, project management, billing, accounting, employee info, clients and contact lists, you name it, it’s in there.  You would spend more dollars on individual software programs and wind up with far less functionality.” .....Read More

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